Cybermedia Television releases entry level TV scheduler and launches it’s first tv station with the Christian Library on Demand (CLD)

Cybermedia Television, the leading provider of Virtual CDN technology with its StreamUnlimited service, announced today that it has released, an entry level cloud-based TV scheduler, allowing any content provider to start its own tv channel in minutes. Until recently, TV schedulers and play-out has lagged behind advancements in cloud-based technology. Cybermedia Television offers an entry level, easy to use and cost-effective way of getting your TV channel live in little time.

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CYMTV launches StreamUnlimited

  Cyber Media Television (CYMTV) launches StreamUnlimited, an online streaming service that enables everyone to start their own online TV channel.
From broadcast organisation and sports club to church or event; they all can stream TV content to computers and mobile devices all over the globe for a flat monthly fee. What makes StreamUnlimited unique is the fact that broadcasters have access to an unlimited amount of bandwidth. In other words: no more hidden costs or additional bandwidth charges. For only 999 dollar per month StreamUnlimited users can stream as much and as often as they want. The number of live viewers does not matter; the high-quality (HD) video quality is guaranteed, the costs remain unchanged.     StreamUnlimited is a virtual content distribution network (CDN) operating through the CYMTV ‘Active Cloud Streaming’ technology. This allows anyone to stream TV content to an unlimited audience.
Regular streaming services often depend on massive data centers to distribute their TV streams over the internet. They charge broadcasters for the storage of physical servers and for the usage of bandwidth. This limits content owners in either the quality of the stream, or the number of viewers they allow to watch. The live streaming of meetings, seminars, sports matches, services and events has never been so easy and transparent.     Companies or agencies selecting StreamUnlimited get an end-to-end solution: from broadcasting software to an app with payment services. They can customize the system – and an optional app – to their own design and branding. This summer, CYMTV also creates an iOS version of the app. The unlimited streaming service is available for 999 dollar per month  

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CYMTV Opens office in Nigeria

CYMTV B.V. together with local partners founded a subsidary in Nigeria, "CYBERMEDIA TV NIGERIA LTD" to operate in Nigeria and neighboring countries. More details will follow, for more information please contact or  

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