Our Story

Cybermedia Television was founded in 2005 as a full service TV solution provider, with an in-house written peer2peer streaming technology.

We focus on providing n online, 24/7, fully interactive TV environment for third party customers, including a number of in-house or third party services

like content management, subscriber management, Viewer Statistics, etc.


Our services include it’s unique own developed virtual CDN services, called StreamUnlimited, allowing tv distribution for its customer at very low costs. Cybermedia Television has trusted customers as RTL Germany, Sky Egypt and EBC Ethiopia.

StreamUnlimited replaces the traditional worldwide network of CDN servers, networks, and caches, and reduces the cost of TV and video distribution over the internet with 90%.


StreamUnlimited is a highly intelligent software, that measure locations, internet bandwidth and computer capacity, and lets end-users stream content to each other, in a fully automated approach.


With video acvcounting for 70% of all Internet traffic and growing, our virtual CDN solution is the only way to reach millions of viewers worldwide.



In 2017 Cybermedia Television released it's TV middleware, called Nexxt.tv and in 2018 Cybermedia Television released it's tv scheduler and play-out, called yourown.tv, and it's entry level digitial signage solution , called Signage-Point.


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